Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness utilizes small, isometric movements to quickly and effectively change the shape of your body. The classes are based on the popular barre technique that has evolved from the Lotte Berk Method, Callanetics, Yoga and Pilates. The ballet barre is used for support and stability while muscles are pushed to exhaustion using light weights and balls for different challenges, followed by a series of stretches. No two classes are ever the same so you will be challenged every time. Poise, Balance, Strength!


BollyX® is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines exhilarating choreography and intensive workouts with upbeat music from around the world. This cardio workout cycles between higher and lower intensity dance sequences to deliver a total body workout.

BollyX LIT®

BollyX LIT® has all the same energy as the original BollyX® format but without high impact dance movements. This format was designed for individuals who love to dance and prefer or need low impact choreography.

Cardio Strength Fusion

This freestyle and circuit formatted workout will target your entire body with cardio and strength training. The interval-based nature of Cardio Strength Fusion will keep you moving and sweating and best of all, it keeps the body guessing week after week.

Freestyle Kickboxing

This freestyle kickboxing class provides a fun and challenging opportunity to learn and practice kickboxing and other martial arts techniques against bags. The class is designed to increase cardiovascular conditioning, muscular tone and overall fitness. Includes drills against bags, fitness conditioning, an engaging group environment, and great music. *Gloves highly recommended and also available to borrow at the Front Desk.

Miramont Core

Freestyle Core by instructor’s choice. Exercises and movements are arranged by the instructor to focus on all major muscles from the shoulders to the hips. Great for all levels!


Participants will experience a challenging, exhilarating and fun workout with a Spinning® certified instructor. This class will help improve all aspects of your fitness, including mental and physical endurance, strength and performance all while exploring different workout intensities. All levels welcome. Water bottles and heart rate monitors are recommended.

Step Challenge

Freestyle Step class that uses challenging choreography in a fast paced, high energy setting.

Tai Chi®

A Chinese system of physical exercises that is believed to facilitate the flow of Qi (life force) in the body, promoting good health and vitality. Tai Chi utilizes movements that are Yin Yang; opposites: Softness and strength, forward and backwards, as well as action and calm.

The willPower Method

The ideal cardiovascular and strengthening solution for mind-body practitioners. Experience a new cutting edge easy-to-follow cardio-sculpting workout. This class unites yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and dance principles. All levels welcome.


One of the fastest growing, dance-based fitness programs in the country. This Latin based dance class will give you a boost to your cardio routine. All levels welcome.

BOOM Move-It

This class starts with a simple dance workout that improves cardio endurance and burns calories. MOVE IT is all about breaking a sweat and having fun! This class has dance moves that build into fun combinations bringing you a great, low-impact cardio workout to upbeat music. Class length is 30 minutes.

BOOM Muscle

This class incorporates athletic-based exercises that improve total body conditioning. You’ll move through several sets of exercises that focus on different muscle groups. The focus of this class is toning muscles and building overall strength with a little cardio mixed in. This class will utilize a mat and set of weights all set to upbeat music. Class length is 30 minutes.