Basic workout plan

Workout provided by Ethan Townsend, Miramont Lifestyle Fitness personal trainer

Weight lifting

Make sure to lift every major muscle group in the body

  • Frequency: 3X a week (M,W,F)
  • Breakdown: Alternate upper and lower body workouts
    • Week 1 = M: Upper body, W: Lower body, F: Upper Body
    • Week 2 = M: Lower body, W: Upper body, F: Lower body etc.
    • Sets: 2-3 per lift
    • Reps: 4-8 per set for power, 12-15 per set for tone
    • Lifts: 1-3 per muscle group
    • Rest: 30-90 seconds in between sets and 2min in between lifts of the same muscle group.
    • Change lifts that you are doing every 6 weeks to prevent plateau


Complete cardio in between lifting days

  • Frequency: 3X a week
  • Breakdown: 30–90 min sustained
  • Intensity: start where you can comfortably exercise for 30 min and gradually increase intensity
  • Week 1
    • Day 1 (T): Run at 6mph for 30min
    • Day 2 (TR): Run at 6mph for 35 min
    • Day 3 (S): Run at 6mph for 40 min
    • Week 2
      • Day 1 (T): Run at 6.2 mph for 30 min
      • Day 2 (TR) : Run at 6.2 mph for 35 min
      • Day 3 (S): Run  at 6.2 mph for 40 min

Example:  Basic Lifting






Bench Press

Triceps Extension

Leg Press

Triceps Extension




Bicep curl


Bicep curl

Shoulder press

Back Extension

Shoulder press

Example:  Basic Cardio




Run: 6.0 mph for 30 min

Run: 6.0 mph for 35 min

Run: 6.0 mph for 40 min

Use this as a template and focus on doing what you can when you begin your program.
It is best to keep the same layout but change exercises every 4 weeks.
This is INTENSE, don’t try to do everything the first time, work up to it.

This workout has been provided by Certified Personal Trainer Ethan Townsend.  If you are new to exercise, please consult your physician before beginning any regimen.

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