Dare to Lose

Emily’s Dare To Lose Recap

‘Dare to Lose’…how can something so great, so life changing, so inspiring come from those three little words? I mean, I have had other sets…

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Dare to Lose: A Look Back

article by Michelle Stout, Dare to Lose Personal Trainer  Looking back on the past 12 weeks and the Dare to Lose Program, I have seen…

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Crossing Your Bridge

by Kim Crady, Certified Wellness Coach A vital step in making lasting lifestyle change is, AWARENESS~ Awareness of your personal stressors, your inner critic or…

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End Game

by James Thompson, 2014 Dare to Lose Participant I titled this last blog for the Dare To Lose competition “End Game” BECAUSE THERE IS NO…

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Racing to the Finish!

Sarah’s before picture By Sarah H., 2014 Dare to Lose participant The past two and a half months has been such…

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Setbacks and Steps Forward

By Dare To Lose Participant, Matt T. We are now 2/3 of the way into this new journey with the Dare to Lose team. Each…

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Kerri’s journey with Dare to Lose

by Kerri P., 2014 Dare to Lose participant I really can’t believe that 4-weeks have already passed! Since I jumped into the program mid-way, I’ve…

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The struggle with the numbers

by Emily O., 2014 Dare to Lose participant Where have the last seven weeks gone?!  When starting the Dare to Lose program, I thought 12…

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Barriers to Weight Loss and Exercise

By Michelle Stout: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer & Health and Wellness Coach We’ve all heard it before, “I don’t have time.” “I’ve tried in the…

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