Tips to Feel Your Best This Summer

On Monday we celebrated the official first day of summer…and are going to keep celebrating for the next three months! Summer is the perfect time…

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Tips to Train for a 5K

2016 is YOUR year. It’s time to throw away all the voices that say “it’s just too hard” or “I could never do that” and…

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Redefine Your Workout Routine

Variety is the spice of life. That is certainly true when it comes to your workout. Diversifying your workout routine will actually get you better…

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5 Simple Post-Workout Snacks

You might think that reaching for a snack after a workout is counter-productive, but you actually want to feed your body some calories to help…

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Maintain, Don’t Gain

COLD HARD FACTS: – The average American gains between 1 and 5 pounds between Halloween and the new year. – 75% of annual weight gain…

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2000 Crunches Does a Belly Good?

2000 Crunches Does a Belly Good? Is this a fact or myth…? If you guessed “fact” then, er, um, WRONG, nope, incorrect! Research has found…

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10 Gym Bag Essentials

  Have you ever got to the gym and realized that you forget your hair tie? Or even worse, your sports bra or running shoes?…

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7 Habits of Fit People

Do you ever catch yourself comparing yourself to others (don’t we all at times?) or think, “What’s their secret?” Well today we have some insider…

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