Dare to Lose, a nutritionist’s perspective

written by Amy Lemezis, degreed Nutritionist

Last winter, I had the opportunity to work with the 12 selected Dare to Lose contestants on their nutrition throughout the program. What started out as a one hour session on educating and giving ideas for easy, tasty meals, quickly evolved into being witness to a huge transformation!

Over the course of the next 3 months, these extraordinary men and women were growing in front of my eyes as quickly as they were losing weight and gaining strides in their workouts. I saw them break down their preconceived personal, physical and emotional limits week after week.  I saw them grow in confidence and self-esteem with each set of stairs our awesome trainer Ethan made them run. I saw them shuffle into the gym, so sore it hurt to walk, and do another small group personal training session with Bryce, despite grimacing at the soreness along the way. I saw them transform from individuals into a network of support and companionship for one another.

The 2013 participants pushed each other when one member of the group didn’t want to, or didn’t believe they could go further. They shared meal ideas for how to make packing lunches easier, and tastier. They kept each other accountable, by pairing up for workouts, spinning classes, and lunches at Mad Greens. What began as strangers looking for a lifestyle overhaul became a community full of support, understanding, pep talks and motivation.

Starting the first week of March, the new Dare to Lose group starts, with their own stories to tell, and barriers to overcome.  I am so excited to meet the 2014 Dare to Lose contestants, and be a witness to their growth, along with their losses.

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