Why I Dare to Lose

James and Familyby James Thompson, Dare to Lose Participant

When I was a kid, around middle school age, I was always “a little chubby” partly because of my German heritage and mostly because my parents were great cooks. My mother cooked all kinds of delicious but fattening foods – think everything fried with lots of potatoes, bread and butter. My father, who hailed from east Texas, also cooked delicious but fattening food – think biscuits and gravy, bacon and chicken fried steak. So the probability of being “a little chubby” was very likely. However, lucky for me, I had a great growth spurt right before high school. All of a sudden, I was tall and lean and didn’t have to think about what I ate or my weight for a number of years. My love for fattening food did not diminish though. Hamburgers, burritos, pizza, you name it – I ate it.

From the time I got out of high school and all through the fabulous 80’s, I played in a rock band. I was traveling a lot, living in different places, partying a lot, and, yes, eating a lot. But still, without any real exercise, I didn’t put on weight. By the time the early 90’s rolled around, my music career was pretty much over. I met my wife, Missy, and moved to LA to work in the film business. Now I was in my thirties, and a strange thing happened. My dormant fatness awakened! I slowly started gaining weight and before I knew it I went from 185 to 235 lbs. We lived happily in LA for many years, had two wonderful sons, Riley and Trevor, and eventually decided to make a change and move to Colorado.

By the time we arrived in Colorado in late 2005, I was up to 250 lbs. and knew that someday I would have to face the fact that I was overweight. I tried unsuccessfully a few times with whatever the diet of the week was and even made a few appearances at the gym. I could never stay focused and disciplined to make any real headway. Meanwhile, my youngest son Trevor was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and our family began to really pay attention to what we should be eating. I also realized that I had been drinking alcohol way too much for way too long. I decided to quit cold turkey and have been alcohol free for over 5 years now.

When the opportunity arose to participate in the “Dare To Lose” competition, it couldn’t have come at a better time. All the bad habits, the inability to lose weight, the fact that I was still eating just as poorly I ever did, not being a good example for my son with Diabetes.. all of these things I thought about when I looked in the mirror – all came to the surface – and for real this time. This is the time to change! I have been given all the tools to be successful – gym membership, personal trainers, a nutritionist, and even a wellness coach. This is the chance that I have been waiting for and I will make the most of it! Thank you for listening to my story and thank you to Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, 99.9 the Point and Tri 102.5 for making this all possible!

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