Stephanie’s Story

“I became interested in participating in the Team Challenge to continue my weight loss and I loved the fact that the challenge ran 12 weeks during the period of time it’s the hardest to maintain, let alone lose weight; Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was able to increase my enjoyment in working out by interacting, […]

Ryan’s Story

Dare to Lose Participant I am going to be 100% honest: I never really wanted to take part in this competition. When my wife asked me to apply because she thought we needed to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I did the ‘husband’ thing and agreed so we wouldn’t have to have a discussion about how […]

Keri’s Story

Dare to Lose Participant Eleven weeks ago I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of the Dare to Lose Challenge and it has been an incredible journey. It was an answer to what I had been searching for because I just couldn’t find the motivation within myself that I desperately […]

Jacob’s Story

Dare to Lose Participant When I was in high school, dressed out for gym class, there was one person who poked fun at my weight and gave me the nickname “fats.” There was a yearbook entry from another that said “lose weight.” I never have let this go and it’s something that drives me still […]

Bonnie’s Story

Imagine hiking to the top of a rigorous trail in the heart of Yellowstone National Park. While the feeling of accomplishment washes over you, you notice a group of hikers, resting while one member of the group describes a pain in his left arm, one of the initial signs of the onset of a heart […]