Miramont Cares - Miramont Lifestyle FitnessMiramont Cares exists to provide education and resources in support of health and well-being in the Northern Colorado community.

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness has a long history of giving back to the Fort Collins community. The company’s philanthropic involvement began in 1979 at the North location (former Gym of the Rockies). The former Gym of The Rockies partnered with Wing Shadows, no longer in existence, to provide support for Fort Collin’s youth. Then, when Miramont South opened in 1996, the executive committee decided to make the official club’s charity the Boys and Girls Club.

Giving back to the community is a rich part of the Miramont Lifestyle Fitness culture – one of the company’s core values is to make our community a better place. Cliff Buchholz, owner and CEO, shares “We are fortunate to be here in Fort Collins and Loveland, and feel it is our privilege as a business to give back to the community.” Miramont supports a broad number of community projects in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Colorado as a whole.

Founding Miramont Cares has been on our radar since 2013. It was the natural next step for Miramont. The company’s annual fundraiser, Colorado Moves to End Cancer, grows each year and is now the signature event for Miramont Cares. Miramont Cares puts this event and other charitable initiatives under one branded umbrella. Most importantly, Miramont Cares shows our commitment to the community’s future health and well-being.

Q&A Section

Q. Why did you decide to start Miramont Cares?
A. Miramont is about encouraging and making it easier for our community to live a healthier lifestyle. Miramont Cares seemed like the natural next step in our vision. We were already putting the effort and investment into different fund-raising events, such as Colorado Moves to End Cancer. Miramont Cares not only consolidates all of our community outreach efforts under one, easily identifiable umbrella, but it shows our long-term commitment to helping the health of the community.
Q. Where will funds for Miramont Cares come from?
A. Miramont has been fortunate to build so many strong relationships within the community over the years. Support will come from community partners, individual donors and sponsors. Miramont Lifestyle Fitness will also make charitable donations to Miramont Cares through the variety of ways they give back.
Q. Who is on the Board for Miramont Cares?
A. We have built a team from within the Miramont family that understands and is able to effectively advise on the path and goals for Miramont Cares.

Members include:

  • Lindsay Randall, Executive Director of Member Services at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness
  • Cliff Buchholz, Owner and CEO of Miramont Lifestyle Fitness
  • Shane Hunsinger, COO of Miramont Lifestyle Fitness
  • Mike Pierce
  • Beth Murray

Q. What makes Miramont Cares different than other local nonprofits?
A. Because Miramont Lifestyle Fitness was our foundation and essentially became the springboard for Miramont Cares, we are a brand, an organization that practices what we teach. We are promoting good health in more ways than just raising money. Many foundations or nonprofits do a great job of fundraising, but for us, Miramont Cares completes the circle in our vision to providing ways to the whole well being of our community: physically, mentally and financially.
Q. What are Miramont Cares’ signature events?
A. Colorado Moves to End Cancer is our largest event, which provides many opportunities for participants to be active, while sharing their stories of how they were personally touched by cancer, and raising funds for the two prominent cancer centers in Northern Colorado.
Q. What are top priorities for Miramont Cares?
A. Establishing solid partnerships within the community to benefit the great causes Miramont Cares will help. We also want to make sure we earn the public’s trust. That means sharing the results for our team efforts with the community. Where did the money go? How was it used? How is it helping the people it is meant for? We are going to share the results of our collective efforts.

For more information please call Patricia Sodetz at 970-672-4254. All donations can be sent to:

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness
Re: Miramont Cares
901 Oakridge Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525