WHAT IS p.r.e.p.®?

p.r.e.p. is a 60-day physician referred exercise program that introduces patients to exercise. p.r.e.p. participants meet with an exercise physiologist and fitness professionals twice per week in small group settings and have full access to all Miramont Lifestyle Fitness amenities.

The p.r.e.p. team communicates with patients on a regular basis via email, phone, and in-person contact to monitor attendance, progress, and well-being throughout the program. The p.r.e.p. team is a resource for exercise instruction, education, and support.

The most important aspect of p.r.e.p. is that it takes down all barriers to exercise and welcomes patients in a non-intimidating, comforting environment. p.r.e.p. can be divided into three key phases: intake, implementation and reassessment.

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The first appointment p.r.e.p. participants have is the intake. During the intake, the exercise physiologist reviews medical history, health condition(s), lifestyle, and physician recommendations. The exercise physiologist also evaluates biometrics: BMI, weight, and blood pressure. Together the patient and the exercise physiologist set specific goals to achieve during the program and develop a physical activity plan based on those goals.


After the p.r.e.p. team develops an exercise program specific to the participants’ needs, abilities, and goals, they devise an expected schedule of physical activity. Schedules include p.r.e.p. sessions, which are small-group trainings consisting of four to six people, group exercise classes, and independent exercise. Throughout the 60 days in the program, the p.r.e.p. team serves as a resource for exercise instruction, education, and accountability in a supportive, social environment.


Towards the end of the p.r.e.p. program, the team measures progress and reshapes the physical activity plan to help patients continue a physically active lifestyle. At this point, we also report progress and attendance back to the referring health care professional. Upon completion of the program, we encourage patients to continue exercise at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness or elsewhere.

Please contact a p.r.e.p. Advisor at 970-672-4257 with any questions.