Basic Mat

Start here! Class focus is to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Pilates. It includes a series of exercises on a mat, emphasizing quality over quantity.

Basic Mat with props

This class will challenge your mobility and stabilization through the core and peripheral muscles. Props, such as the power circle, hand weights, and bands, are utilized to provide wonderful feedback to the body. By using props, a deeper understanding of alignment, muscle activation, and centering is achieved. Fundamental and basic mat work is challenged in this all level class.

Basic / Intermediate Mat

Next-level Pilates in terms of strength, endurance and flexibility; it is suitable for all students who have experience with Pilates Mat. Advance your core training techniques with complex movements that will challenge your core from every possible angle. Resistance props are used to challenge the core.


Once you have the basics down, take your practice to a higher level. In this class you will progress basic moves, challenging your core muscles, balance, control, and cardio level. Work is done at a faster pace and knowledge of the basic mat routine is helpful.