Ali Waters



  • Peak Pilates Comprehensive Level II Certification
  • Including Mat, Reformer, Chair, and Barrel


Growing up as an athlete of many sports, my competitiveness earned me many injuries. After numerous knee surgeries, PT appointments, and starting from scratch over and over again, I decided to take control of my health and body and turned to Pilates to rehab, rebuild, and reform. I was amazed at how the work I did in the studio overflowed into my daily life. My knee issues were gone, my back stopped hurting, and I had my best ski season in years; I was hooked! Years and many ski seasons later, with no surgeries in between, I love seeing how Pilates reforms my clients’ bodies and sets a strong foundation for all their adventures.

I began my Pilates journey here, at Miramont, with Karyn Brown. She inspired and supported me as my mentor through my Instructor Training at Peak Pilates. Through Peak, I had the opportunity to study under Master Trainer Robin Beck for my Peak Pilates System Level I, Mat, Chair, and Barrel, as well as my Comprehensive Level II. I have worked with a wide range of clients including Healthy Back participants, clients rehabbing from various surgeries & injuries, scoliosis, and clients wanting to get back into shape.

Joseph Pilates believed “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” The healthier you are the more adventures you can have and the fuller life you will lead. I believe that happiness is a choice you must make many times each day. Choose to be fit, choose to be happy, and laughter and a full life will follow.