Mary Steiner


  • Booty Barre
  • Peak Pilates Comprehensive II Certified
  • Including Mat, Reformer, Chair, and Barrel
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Regis-Denver, CO


I have been practicing Pilates since moving from New York to Colorado. I was an avid runner until I needed hip surgery in 2009. After rehab, I was anxious to get back into exercising and was introduced to the reformer by Karyn Brown, my Pilates trainer and mentor. I was amazed at how Pilates had rehabilitated me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I wanted to share with others what had helped me so much. With the encouragement of my mentors, and Master Instructor, Robin Beck, I completed over 700 hours of comprehensive study to achieve my certifications.

I believe that Mr. Pilates’ basic philosophy of integration of mind and body make for a healthier body. It gives you an awareness and strength that carries over into everyday movement whether you are lifting your child, swinging a golf club, sitting in front of your computer, or hiking the Colorado trails. I believe most people don’t think about how they move. I have found that by practicing Pilates, you gain controlled, directed strength. It teaches you to be aware of your movement and change it in ways that make you feel better, move better, and look better. Pilates is for everyone no matter what your age, gender or fitness level.