Wellness & Prevention designs programs that breathe energy and life into routines, inspiring people to live healthier lives free from disease, pain and effects of aging.

We believe in changing people’s lives, one step at a time.  Through energizing and inspiring programs, we help individuals find balance, strength, energy and confidence to tackle their greatest obstacles so they can start living a healthier life … now!

We provide the most engaging and evidence-based programs for people looking to develop life-long habits that support healthy living. We offer a friendly environment with highly trained Fitness professionals and health coaches to help support individuals with a variety of needs including health issues, disease or disability.

Miramont Wellness and Prevention has teamed up with experts in the field to offer a variety of weight loss and weight management options for individuals struggling to find a solution that fits their body, their lifestyle and their personal goals.

At Miramont Wellness & Prevention, we make a healthier life possible for everyone and anyone who walks through our doors.  Let us show you what better health looks like.