Whole Person Wellness

Make a lasting lifestyle change with support from our Wellness Team. Let our certified wellness professionals show you the path to a better you through evidenced based programs.


This is our best introductory course to learn how to effectively exercise using the equipment at Miramont. New members will learn the key components of exercise – cardio, strength, flexibility, and core training from one of our fitness professionals. Each of the four half-hour sessions includes practical instruction and guidance on form.
Cost $160
4 week program


Much like our Fitness 101, this introductory course will teach the senior population at Miramont on how to safely and effectively use the equipment. Participants will learn from a fitness professional the key components of exercise for age progression- cardio, strength, flexibility and balance training. Each of the four half-hour sessions include practical instruction and guidance on proper form. Great for Silver Sneakers Members!
Cost $160
4 week program


This program is ideal for anyone with chronic or acute back pain, reoccurring back injuries, or looking to strengthen and stabilize their core. Four half-hour functional fitness sessions with a personal trainer focused on activities of daily living.
Cost $160
4 week program


This is a fully individualized weight loss program, providing accountability and support. This program includes nutrition coaching, wellness coaching and personal training sessions.
Cost $850
8 week program

Wellness coaching

A wellness coach is a trained, professional ally that will support you on your journey to becoming the healthiest, most stress-free you. With your wellness coach, you will create your Well Life Vision and together map your path to health and well-being. In wellness coaching you will explore your personal motivation, while breaking down barriers to your desired life.
Cost $39.99 Introductory session | Additional packages available


Wellness Coaches